Worldview Matters®, Stronger Families, and Lighthouse Institute


WORKLIFE IGNITE! Father-Son Retreat

for MIDDLE-SCHOOL YOUNG MEN and their Dads or Father-Figures


When? September 17-19, Friday 6:00pm (suggest fast-food together en route!) through Sunday 1:00pm

Where? Lake Retreat Camp and Conference Center, Ravensdale, WA, 35 miles from Seattle. (Click here for directions.)

Who? Middle-School sons with their fathers, father figures or guardians.

 Space is limited to 20 father-son pairs. Please register early.


What? Interactive instruction by Dr. Christian Overman (Director of Worldview Matters®, in “the lost art of God-centered work,” along with challenging outdoor trust-and-team-building exercises designed by Tim Rhoades (Director of Lighthouse Institute,

Special Guest: Jeff Kemp, Chief Advocate for Stronger Families ( and former NFL quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

BAD NEWS: We are experiencing misery in the marketplace. The U.S. unemployment rate is the highest in 25 years, while over 50% of American workers are dissatisfied with the jobs they have!

We have a workplace problem that no amount of economic stimulus can fix. We have lost the significance, joy and meaning of work itself!

GOOD NEWS: We don't find meaning in our work, we bring meaning to our work!

How? By aligning our work with the purposes of God!

Middle-schoolers are in the beginning stages of adult-identification, and are ready to begin thinking about the ramifications of their decision making.

This retreat inspires young men to enter into God's purpose for their life, both now and in the future; equips young men to bring significance, joy, and meaning to their work, whether at home, school, or in the community; and increases open lines of communication between fathers and sons, strengthening the bonds between them.  

REGISTER TODAY as a father-son PAIR at the SIDE PANEL 

Early-bird rate is $295 per PAIR  ($147.50 x 2)

($350 after September 5)

For financial assistance, call Worldview Matters® at 877-624-0230.


Topics Include:

Your Worldview Makes A Difference!

 (Lessons from George Washington Carver)

God Created Humans…for What?

(God does His work through bankers, truck drivers, computer programmers, and teens!)

It Isn’t Possible To Have A “Secular” Job!

(Forget the “sacred-secular” split!)

“What Kind Of Work Should I Do When I Grow Up?”

(Discover the wisdom of Col. 3:23)