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The on-line course, “Increase Meaning: A Wholistic Approach To Christian Education,” is for Christian educators who want to restore a biblical approach to work, economics and human flourishing to the P-12 curriculum. 

Practical teaching tools are presented, including mind-mapping techniques and graphic organizers that will breathe new life into any subject by seeing how that subject fits into the context of a biblical view of work, economics and human flourishing.      

The creator of the course is Dr. Christian Overman. All lectures are in pre-recorded video format for viewing at participants’ convenience.

This course is available for 5 (quarter, graduate level) college credits through Seattle Pacific University, OR as a Certificate (non-credit) course through Worldview Matters. The course is approved by the Association of Christian Schools International for 10 CEUs in either Biblical Studies or Educational Studies, and satisfies the ACSI requirement for a course in Philosophy of Christian Education.  

For a summary of the course objectives and requirements, click here.

To get a taste of the kind of content you will learn about in the course, view this 40-minute presentation of Dr. Overman presenting one of the tools from the course at the ACSI NEXUS Live event on October 16, 2014, in Washington, D.C.  Click here.

To request a copy of the full syllabus, use the contact form below. Please indicate if you want the syllabus for with college credit or the syllabus for without college credit.

The cost is $270 for the Worldview Matters certificate, including all lectures, books, DVDs and teaching resources. All written assignments professionally assessed. Shipping costs for books/DVDs is additional. Use the form below to notify Worldview Matters of your desire to enroll. Instructions on how to make the payment will be provided by e-mail.

The current tuition fee for the 5 graduate-level college credits through Seattle Pacific University [these are quarter credits] is $495. Cost of books is additional, plus shipping, purchased through Worldview Matters.

Use the contact form below to request details on how to register for the course through Seattle Pacific University, or to let us know you wish to take the course without credit directly through Worldview Matters: