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The Lost Purpose for Learning (hard copy edition)

By Dr. Christian Overman. Paperback, 57 pages.

All sons and daughters are endowed before birth with a remarkable mandate from God. It's a mandate that brings extraordinary meaning to education. The Lost Purpose for Learning explains what that mandate is, and why it brought about such an extraordinary level of flourishing for people in the United States. It also explains how the lost purpose can be restored.

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10-49 copies = $4 ea   


50 or more copies = $3 ea   

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives

By Dr. Christian Overman. Paperback, 191 pages.

Written in everyday language, this book explores the underlying assumptions of ancient Western culture that continue to shape the values and behavior of people in the 21st Century.


Participant Guide for the God's Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make e-course

This 48 page, color supplemental Guide is highly recommended as a
companion text for the e-curriculum, God's Pleasure At Work & The Difference One Life Can Make.

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  10-19 copies = $6 ea

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A 2-Part Series on Integration of Faith and Work (hard copy edition):

Save 12% when purchasing both books together>:

God's Pleasure At Work


The Difference One Life Can Make

(Books may be purchased separately below.)

$35 (both books/DVDs)


Volume 1

God's Pleasure At Work, with DVD

$19.95 (1 book with 1 DVD)


Volume 2 Only

The Difference One life Can Make, with DVD

$19.95 (1 book with 1 DVD)


Truth and Transformation

By Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi. Paperback, 317 pages, study guide included.

Christianity Today described Vishal Mangalwadi as "India's foremost Christian intellectual."

In this landmark book, Dr. Mangalwadi expounds upon the power of the gospel to heal nations.  


Kingdom Education for the 21st Century: Fulfilling God's Plan for Educating Future Generations [6 hour DVD set]

By Dr. Glen Schultz

This 14-session (20-50 minutes each) DVD-based workshop equips teachers, parents and church leaders to educate future generations to know, serve and glorify God in daily life. It includes a Leader's Guide, reproducible Listening Guide, complete PowerPoint presentation and notes in two formats. This series fulfills requirements of the Association of Christian Schools International for philosophy certification. Also worth 2 CEUs in Biblical or Educational Studies.


LifeWork: A Biblical Theology For What You Do Every Day

By Darrow L. Miller. 364 pages.

Instead of grinding it out until Friday, and living for weekends, Miller shows us a way to bring meaningful integration of faith and work to whatever we do.

Postmodern Times: A Christian Guide to Contemporary thought and Culture

By Gene Edward Veith, Jr. 236 pages.

This book explains the intellectual trends in our postmodern culture that are spawning radical “political correctness,” outrageous art, and moral confusion.


The Postmodern World: Discerning the Times and the Spirit of Our Age

By Millard J. Erickson. 144 pages.

This book helps the reader to discern more accurately the confusing messages offered by postmodernism. How does it affect the university? Christianity? Our everyday conversations?


In The Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

By Walt Brown, Ph.D. 326 pages. Hardback.

Evidence of creation from biology, astronomy, and the physical/earth sciences. This book addresses frequently asked questions concerning so-called evolutionary “proofs.” Written by a college professor and former evolutionist.


Case for Faith

By Lee Stroebel

An investigative reporter interviews key leaders, trying to find meaningful answers to the key questions often posed in opposition to faith in God or the dependability of the Bible.


On Kingdom Business

By Tetsunao Yamamori and Kenneth Eldred

Transforming missions through entrepreneurial strategies. While few of the unreached may care to investigate the claims of Christ, they are interested in their own economic advancement. If you open a for-profit business that meets a need; if you are a job-maker, Christ's love can shine in unexpected places. These are actual examples of entrepreneurs using their giftedness to love people, and disciple the nations.


Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution, Vol. 1 (DVD)

This DVD provides clear examples of animal designs that can only be attributed to a Creator. Enjoy fascinating facts about giraffes, geckos and other creatures.

$23 (DVD)

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution, Vol. 2 (DVD)

In this DVD, enjoy beautiful birds with amazing navigational systems, as well as fireflies, whales and other creatures whose designs point to a Designer rather than to evolution.

$23 (DVD)

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution, Vol. 3 (DVD)

In this DVD, enter the fascinating world of animals that reveal sophisticated and complex designs that contradict evolutionary theory.

$23 (DVD)